About the RETREAT

Join us at:
The Dailey Writing Wellness Retreat (DWWR)

This unique retreat merges mindfulness with writing, editing and agent workshops. Find your happy place as you partake in wellness classes that include yoga and meditation (and other options).

The retreat location, 1440 Multiversity is surrounded by Redwoods and rustic architecture. The DWWR creates the designated time in a remote space to learn, write, reflect and meet other like-minded individuals.

My hope is that you write a lot, learn a lot and maybe even have a breakthrough. But mostly, my hope is that you take care of yourself, and realize your dreams. The theme and intention of this retreat is to:

Write as You Are, Practice the Moment
and Focus on Writing

This writing retreat is for YOU…

…if you’re ready to invest in yourself and take the next step in your writing journey—whatever that may be.

…if you love to write and explore new places.

…if you have been thinking about writing, possibly lurking in Facebook writing groups or sporadically attending events.

…if you haven’t finished your manuscript and believe being around like-minded might help you catch a second or twelfth wind.

…if you finished and have been slogging through revises or need help on the next steps.

…if you’re looking for more clarity with revisions.

…if you need the space and time to brainstorm, write, and revise while learning the finer details of storytelling.

My story…

My name is Dafina Dailey. I’ve attended more conferences than retreats but have done my research over the last few years exploring the many retreats available to authors. Mostly, the retreats I found never fit what I wanted or needed as a writer. And they were more expensive than I was willing to pay .

The idea of creating my own retreat started a couple of years ago in my mind, and I vowed that when I met more like-minded people, and attended more events, I would take the leap of faith.

When thinking about the fees associated with this retreat, remember, you have to invest in yourself as a writer/author if you want to get anywhere in the business.

I decided to plan this retreat because as a writer, I have become an advice giver and a cheerleader because I think everyone’s story matters. As I have moved from beginner to intermediate in my craft journey, I’ve learned so much and met many wonderful people. It’s a joy to be able to now read books by authors I  know who are now happily published. These people are my heroes.

By the way, the yearly St. Mary’s/Hedgebrook One Day Writing Retreat at St. Mary’s College in June is low-cost and wonderful. I have been two out of the three years (held at St. Mary’s college) so if you’re looking for a more low-key, low-cost retreat this is a great retreat to start with.

The Skinny on the DWWR Retreat…

There will be two tracks: Fiction and Non-fiction/Memoir.*

*If there is enough interest, I can also make a 3rd Track called “Explore” available where you will have guided writing time in place of either of these tracks.

Each track is split into two, two-hour blocks.

In addition, there will be agent and editor workshops which will be three hours each and also a keynote speaker reception.

Writing and/or relaxation time will be sprinkled throughout.

DWWR Classes…

Fiction: Adrienne Bell

Non-fiction/Memoir: Rachael Herron

Keynote Speaker: Jean Steel

Editor: Annie Oortman

Agent will be announced closer to the date!


My retreat fees include all items related to booking workshops, administrative support and planning of the retreat.

1440 Multiversity’s fees include three locally sourced meals, lodging, access to wellness classes, gym, hiking trails and a campus full of natural wonders.


1440 Multiversity was named for the 1440 minutes in a day and is founded on the belief that each minute is a chance to connect with what truly matters—both within and around us.

The 75-acre campus is nestled in the forest between Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley (Scotts Valley). With locally sourced meals, holistic-health classes, a fitness center, infinity-edge hot tub, and more, your stay is designed to nurture, educate, and inspire. 1440 is a place of discovery where individuals are immersed in learning, creativity, and innovation which engages the whole person and the whole body.

This is truly the perfect place for a retreat focusing on writing and wellness.